Sabina Streeter is a contemporary artist who draws with a passionate ecumenical vision that transcends political, social, and economic boundaries. As Alanna Heiss, the director of P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center New York observes, "Sabina's work has a unique conceptual content and an aura of cool detachment that is ironic without being jaded or exaggerated. If I had to choose one living artist to distill my likeness on canvas, it would be her."
Ms. Streeter specializes in individual and small group portraits whose form and content are inspired by a classical tradition reinterpreted through her own eclectic experience. She enlarges reality, then cuts to the emotional quick with an unblinking clarity of detail that dramatizes issues of craft, class, popular culture, and universal longing. Her extraordinarily diverse subjects have included American financial chieftains, European aristocrats, critically acclaimed filmmakers, high school students, uptown socialites, downtown musicians and performance artists, and just plain folk.

Ms. Streeter was born in Munich, Germany, to a family of writers, film directors and architects. She has been a model, a set designer, an interior designer, and a quarter-horse riding barrel racer in locales ranging from Germany, Austria, and Italy to New York City and Bandera, Texas. She currently maintains studios in Munich and Sag Harbor, New York, where she lives with her daughter Lily.
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selected exhibitions:
2008 New works/portraits, van de Velde Zimmer, Schloss Neubeuern
2006 New works on paper, Bespoke, Bridgehampton, N.Y.
2005 Special project Kunstkammer Maximilianstrasse, Munich, Germany
2004 Sotheby's, Munich,Germany
2003 After Matisse/Picasso P.S.1, N.Y.C.; Vail House, New works, Sag Harbor, NY; Dare, Quartier 206, Berlin, Germany
2002 Euro Pulp / Simon Doonan, Windows at Barney's, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.; Three artists at Vail House, Sag Harbor, NY.
2000 Wiensowski & Harbord, Berlin, Germany; Group show, Val House, Sag Harbor, NY.
1999 Group show, Sara Nightingale Gallery, Water Mill, NY; Three artists at Val House, Sag Harbor, NY.
1997 Heaven, group show, P.S1, N.Y.C.; Streeter per due, Camera oscura, Cornelia Lauff, San Casciano dei bagni, Italy.
1996 Institute for contemporary art, P.S.1, N.Y.C.; Model Home, group show, Clocktower Gallery.
1992 Slow art , paintings in New York now, group show, Contemporary art center, N.Y.C.
1987 Arts for the transit, P.S.1, N.Y.C.; Grand Windows, Grandcentral Terminal.
1986 Images of the unknown, P.S.1, N.Y.C.